Repair Kit for Bosch Fuel Distributor 0438100053

Peugeot 505 2.0i 08/1979 - 12/1989

Repair kit for a four cylinder Cast Iron (adjustable) Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel Distributor
The kit contains:

  • One stainless steel diaphragm made with advanced technology
  • Four O-rings for metering slot body (Viton o-rings have much higher temperature and chemical resistance)
  • Two O-rings for pushup valve (two different sizes depending on the type of the valve) and one for primary-pressure regulator.
  • Two O-rings for control piston (Viton)
  • One O-ring for control plunger inside fuel distributor (Viton).
  • Four O-rings for flow adjustable screws. (At top of the fuel distributor)
  • One O-ring for connection between fuel distributor and Air Flow Meter. OEM.
  • Set (26 pcs) of copper seal rings for screws and connection ports.

Brand New.
Made in USA.

This repair kit is suitable for the following Bosch Fuel distributors numbers:

ModelRB KeyYearsEngine
505 2.0iPEU 9508/1979 - 10/1986829-90
505 2.0iPEU 9607/1985 - 12/1989829B
ModelRB KeyYearsEngine
240 2.0iVOL 31008/1984 - 07/1992B200E
240 2.3iVOL 31208/1984 - 07/1992B230E
740 2.0iVOL 22008/1984 - 07/1991B200E
740 2.3iVOL 21608/1984 - 07/1991B230E
940 2.0VOL 56009/1990 - 07/1991B200E

  • Model: C000153999804
  • Manufacturer: Peugeot

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