Repair Kit for Bosch Fuel Distributor 0438100087

Mercedes-Benz 380 SL/SLC Roadster 09/1980 - 08/1985

Repair Kit for a Eight Cylinder Alloy Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel Distributor
The kit contains:

  • One diaphragm made with advanced technology; the material has a much higher temperature and chemical resistance
  • Eight O-rings for metering slot body (Viton o-rings also have much higher temperature and chemical resistance)
  • Two O-rings for control piston (Viton)
  • One O-ring for control plunger inside fuel distributor (Viton)
  • Eight O-ring for flow adjustable screws. (At top of the fuel distributor)
  • One O-ring for pushup valve and one for primary-pressure regulator.
  • One O-ring for pushup valve of the secondary-pressure regulator . (At top of the fuel distributor).
  • One O-ring for connection between fuel distributor and Air Flow Meter. OEM.
  • Set (17 pcs) of Copper and Aluminum seal rings for screws and connection ports.

Brand New.
Made in USA.

This repair kit is suitable for the following Bosch Fuel distributors numbers:

380 SE, SELW12609/1983 - 08/1985M116.961,963
380 SECW12611/1981 - 08/1983M116.963
380 SELW12610/1980 - 08/1983M116.961,963 (CDN, USA)
380 SL RoadsterR10709/1980 - 08/1985M116.960,962 (CDN, USA)
380 SLC CoupeR10709/1980 - 08/1981M116.960
500 SECW12609/1983 - 08/1985M117.963
500 SELW12609/1983 - 07/1985M117.963

  • Model: A000150999808
  • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

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