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Fuel Resistant Gasket
Permatex® PermaShield™ Fuel Resistant Gasket Dressing
Fuel Resistant Gasket
Permatex® Sealant (85420)

Permatex® PermaShield™ Fuel Resistant Gasket Dressing.

Specially formulated for superior fluid resistance, this polyester urethane based gasketing compound withstands extreme temperature changes without hardening. Its non-setting, non-hardening character remains tacky even with rapid changes in temperature, enabling repeated assembly and disassembly of parts. Suitable as either a gasket maker or dressing, PermaShield™ seals surface imperfections between metal parts and is ideal in high performance applications. With an operating temperature range of -60° to 500°F (-50° to 260°C), this compound resists common engine fluids, including oil, gasoline, ethanol, water and anti-freeze and prevents contamination from moisture and dust.

  • Resistant to gasoline and all other automotive fluids;
  • Remains flexible even at high temperatures and withstands rapid temperature changes;
  • Allows for repeated disassembly and resassembly in metal to metal applications;
  • Versatile and vibration resistant, this tacky formula allows for unlimited assembly time;
  • Seals surface imperfections;
  • 2 oz. tube.

Brand New.
Made in USA.
Tech Doc File.


  • Clean and dry surfaces.
  • Apply thin film or bead to both surfaces.
  • Allow ample drying time to completely evaporate solvent.
  • Assemble and torque to manufacturer’s specifications. Seals instantly.
  • May return equipment to service immediately.
  • Store below 100°F (38°C).

Permatex® PermaShield™ Fuel Resistant Gasket Dressing
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